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Ward, M. 2004. The Additional Uses of CALL in the Endangered Language Context. ReCALL, Vol. 16, No. 2
Greene, C., K. Keogh, T. Koller, J. Wagner, M. Ward and J. van Genabith, 2004. Using NLP Technology in CALL In: Proceedings of the InSTIL/ICALL Symposium 2004 on NLP and Speech Technologies in Advanced Language Learning Systems. Venice, Italy
Keogh, K., T. Koller, M. Ward, E. Ui Dhonnchadha and J. van Genabith, 2004. CL for CALL in the Primary School. eLearning for Computational Linguistics and Computational Linguistics for eLearning. International Workshop in Association with COLING 2004, Geneva, Switzerland.
Ward, M. 2004. Building from the Bottom-up: Linguistics Rights for Extremely Endangered Languages. In Proceedings of the Eight FEL Conference, Barcelona, Spain.
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