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Ward, M. and J. van Genabith 2003. CALL for Endangered Languages: Challenges, Rewards. Journal of Computer Assisted Language Learning, Vol. 16, No. 2-3, Special Issue on: CALL Professionals and the Future of CALL Research; (Ed.) Mike Levy, ISSN 0958-8221, pp.233-258
Ward, M. 2003. Language Documentation and Revitalisation - is there really a conflict? In Proceedings of the Seventh FEL Conference, Broome, Western Australia. Editors: Joe Blythe & R. McKenna Brown.
Ward, M. 2003. Experiences in developing ICT support for the Endangered language Learning Situation. In Language, Literacy and New Technologies: The challenge of culturally adapted content for development. World Summit on the Information Society. ICT4Dev UNESCO Round Table Discussion (invited paper)
Koller, T. 2003. Knowledge-based intelligent error feedback in a Spanish ICALL system In: Proceedings of The 14th Irish Conference on Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science. Trinity College, Dublin, pp. 117-121. pdf
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